The Journey of the body

When someone asked me how my journey was in relation to coaching or theater, I have always thought my body is like the main character of it. This year I started being more conscious about my body and everything related to it: breathing, movements, energy, and nutrition. When I started studying Theater, I remember I used to train a lot in different rhythms and energy; I also used to create different moves and explore a lot with my body. Now I think those were my first steps in my relation with it. It’s quite normal to do this exploration in Theater. As paints are the main tools for artists, bodies are the main tools for actors.

An actor needs to concentrate in his own body, how he looks to another human being, the words that he uses, the emotions that appear when he relates with others, and the kind of energy.

When I discovered the discipline of coaching, I noticed that few of the coaches focused on the coachees’ bodies. Most of them paid attention to the messages or words that they said. Then I realized they were avoiding one of the most important part of the transformation. 
I think that the journey of the body is the journey of transformation because I connect with my emotions, with the way I speak, with my mind; everything approaches my body.
My emotions switched when I change my energy, if I wake up with low energy then I need to move on, to work out and this will help me changing the way I feel.

Therefore, it is a journey; we are not going to have quick results. I am sorry to disappoint you. Because I know the world pushes us to go faster and faster, to do everything, and not resting because someone is going to reach the goals that we do not.

I have another point of view, I think we need to rest, to pause sometimes, take time to breathe, to awaken our consciousness, to stay in the “right now” and enjoy the silence of our meditation. The journey of the body is “the journey of our life” and is the basis of it; it is the basis for our practice.

What is the practice?

The Practice is all the actions that I am going to do for myself day by day. With commitment to my practice, I will find all those results that I want for my life.

What kind of actions am I talking about?

I can choose some disciplines to help me, but that depends on the human being that I am. Maybe I am always running and living my life full of stress so I choose Yoga as the perfect discipline for me. However, if on the other side I were a person too calm or with some troubles to react or take decisions, maybe I would need some other kind of discipline like martial arts or running in order to increase my rhythm. Meditation is a great practice to do day-by-day. It helps us to work with our beliefs and brings us inner peace. I always say that our thinking is a part of ourselves, but we are not our mind, however it can dominate our life.

How about our food?

That is a part of our practice too, we need to balance our food, because it influences not only how we feel. Healthy foods will also determine our health. Nourishment is part of the dynamic movement of life and it influences and affects our wellbeing.

We can figure out that we are talking about food, different kind of disciplines, and meditation.

So, what is the main character of all this practice?

It is the body, how I nurture my mind, soul, and muscles.

When you concentrate on your practice, I assure you that your life is going to change in different ways and it’s going to be amazing.

However, something I need to confess to you is that it is not easy. You have to be very disciplined every day of your life, day-by-day. But it is worth it! And you will surely see the results in your emotions, the way you wake up every morning, the way you rest, your relationships, even your skin will look and be better. and as Pattabhi Jois said…

“Practice and all is coming”.

About Life Theater Coach

Life Theater Coach combined theater and body knowledge and coaching skills to foster experimental self-learning. “Playing to be” founder. BA in Performing Arts. Ontological Coach with an specialization on body. More than 20 years of experience in theater. Through her journey, she realized that the combination of theater and coaching skills could give people an experimental learning. She has developed workshops of “Life Theater Coaching” for different groups and one to one sessions where she combines disciplines like yoga, meditation, movement, coaching and theater.

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