The smell of coffee brewing in the mornings–sweet, nutty, and more effective than my alarm clock to begin the day–has been dearly missed these past ten days. According to NYT, lack of smell (anosmia) and taste (dysgeusia) are possible symptoms of COVID-19. Living in an odorless, tasteless world begged the question: What is the role played by our senses in everyday routines, relationships, and behaviors?

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Illustration by Jimena Guijarro

When we use human-centric methodologies, these routines, relationships, and behaviors are vital to the way we design everyday objects, services, and experiences. While our senses play a large role in these aspects, we rarely apply the sensory lens when designing innovatively and inclusively. …

I recently relocated to San Francisco full-time and I wanted to understand the venture capital ecosystem better. Here is an overview sparked by conversations with industry friends and other interesting resources linked throughout and at the bottom for the restless and curious.

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Business model basics

All venture capital funds have one value proposition in common: partnering with entrepreneurs and helping them to build high growth companies. …


Jimena Guijarro

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