“Badass Grace and the future of the church…”

In his Gospel, John may have concluded that to bring out the full significance of Jesus’ grace he had to write about it in bolder ways, enlarging its significance. I think that’s what this post is about:

I am increasingly convinced that the church’s effectiveness as a force in cities like LA and NYC, cities setting trends that go nationwide,

is ENTIRELY dependent on its grasp and overflow of the Grace of Jesus Christ. Without hyperbole, everything accomplished in this generation depends upon its “getting” grace.

Grace ultimately defines the big picture of who God is and what He’s currently doing. Amazingly, this 2000 year old truth is now forerunning the move of God.

And it is clear God is bringing a global push to go beyond the boundaries of our previous Scriptural perspectives…because they are NOT set up to handle the unexpected ways of His Grace.

What this means is that it changes what is “there” or what we THOUGHT was there in the text…and may now NOT be there anymore the way we once understood it. Texts we’ve seen one way we will see another way, Grace “transforming” them to speak in more meaningful ways to present realities. There will be more of HIM!

Getting the Bible right so as to get Jesus right is undergoing a radical reversal…as N.T. Wright has often said, “this means we read Paul and the rest of Scripture in light of Jesus not the other way around, this changes everything”. Because Grace, hermeneutically speaking, is now in the driver’s seat.

I am trying to drive home the degree to which we need a transformed reading of the New Testament in light of Grace…

It means being more deeply rooted in the PERSON of Jesus rather than a mix of biblical principles and law. It’s about embracing the NEW Covenant Jesus as portrayed in the Gospels – soaking in all of them, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!

As greater clarity comes, there will be a continuous jettisoning of old perspectives, a removal of the “veil” of who Jesus truly is in in the context of His scandalous Grace. Then there will be an even greater overflow, giving us unprecedented access to the people of downtown LA, the five boroughs of NYC and beyond.

After all, at the end, all things – including Scripture – bends the knee to the Grace of Jesus Christ.

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