Our job is to love others, without inquiring if they are worthy…

“Whatever happened to sin?” This complaint is one frequently heard among assorted church leaders and other Christians. Evidently, among those committed to a law/grace mix, there’s not a very high regard for the grace revolution currently underway. There’s doubt that this kind of “love” is able to be a catalyst for change. The fear is grace downplays a sense of personal responsibility…that if we unconditionally accept someone this will be taken to mean we are condoning all their hurtful behavior. Don’t we need to make it clear that we reject their sin?

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Grace says we can trust its divine influence…After all, it’s Jesus! It’s who He is. He is NOT “other” than grace and love. I don’t care how many verses you pull out on me to dispute it. I’ll pull out more. But thats not the way to understand grace. We understand it through our own personal experiences with Him.

The grace of God faciliates RADICAL transformation! Don’t believe me? Look at your life! Check out Paul’s story! Look at the hundreds at Hillsong LA, NYC etc. That’s why Paul says something inconceivable in Romans 5; that where the law was given people sinned MORE but in the New Covenant, even when sin is abounding, GRACE NOW MUCH MORE ABOUNDS. Hold on. Don’t some folks say this kind of intervention is reckless and ineffective?

God in Christ answers that from the Cross pointing to its impact on planet earth for the last 2000 years. It has never ended, and it won’t. And any move of God under its influence won’t either. He died for irresponsible, ungratreful, bad decision making, morally corrupt “sinners”. Yet the effect of that ONE act is still changing lives, families, communities, cities etc. And what He did on the cross tells us that,

Our job is to love others without inquiring if they are worthy…

Can we actually trust that His love is powerful enough to reach a person in a way that harsh confrontation, behavior modification, moral inventories, attempts at self improvement, fear motivation, intimidation, threat or condemnation simply cannot? Well,

grace is not stupid. It’s Jesus. He knows how to direct our love to others. When He’s behind it, when we’re overflowing His supply of grace…like Paul we can say, “His grace will be sufficient”. That’s what grace is all about.

And it’s not our job to figure out HOW it’ll be effective, we simply dispense it in the way God directs…and the Spirit will take care of the rest. He’s incredibly competent at connecting people to Jesus!

I was thinking the other day about how people are opening up in our two Connect Groups. Why? They open up when they feel safe and accepted, “in Christ”, among family, home, in an atmosphere…of grace.