Using Scripture As A Diving Board

Did Jesus have a way of using his Bible that was different from those around him? I suggest that He did.

There are those who may preach and use Scripture as a diving board, they quote it and then jump off into a pool of ideas and conjecture; “how to’s”, steps for growth, doing more, principles for living and beyond, leaving Jesus and biblical context behind.

But preaching, like the incarnation, is a place of revelation where Christ comes into this world from outside it.

And yes, what they say might be motivational, good or in some way helpful…but it has little or no connection to the PERSON of Jesus Christ. We are often completely unable to find the Jesus of Scripture anywhere among us.

This must change… and it can as we leave behind old preaching paradigms and adopt Christ as our lens to Scripture. The nature of God revealed through Jesus is the context for how we interpret the Bible.

When Jesus preached, He didn’t simply present ideas, He presented Himself.