Media Loves Bernie

Since our nightmarish election and inauguration of the Great Orange King, the mainstream media has seemed, for the most part, on the right side of things. They are beginning to fight back — a little. Mainstream reporters are asking a tougher questions, we are actually seeing some more follow up to bogus answers given by Sean Spicer, or Kellyanne Conway. On the other hand, one can make and many has made the fair argument that if it wasn’t for the mainstream news outlets we wouldn’t have a Trump presidency. For example, The New York Times did a wonderful piece where they showed you how much “free” air time a candidate received. Bernie Sanders received $321 million, not too bad, Hillary received $746 million, wow pretty good, and Trump received 1.82 billion dollars of free air time. There were so many nights where Bernie would be filling stadiums of thousands of people, lines wrapping around city blocks, this massive amount of energy from a movement and you turn on the news and see empty podiums at Trump rallies. So the argument that the rise in Trumpism is partially the mainstream media’s fault is not entirely wrong.

(Side note: I believe that, yes mainstream media played a huge role in electing Donald Trump and that is actually the main point of this piece but I’m also not incline to stick to one reasoning to the rise of Trump there are in fact many reasons on why we have Donny Tiny Hands Trump as president.)

With all that being said I want to talk about something that would seem a little strange if we didn’t have a baboon taking up all of attention. If you’re like me or any Bernie supporter you have probably wondered “Huh, CNN has had Bernie on a lot lately.” or “Wow, another town hall, or debate, or interview with Bernie? That’s great!” It is quite strange this sudden rise to Bernie being on more mainstream media outlets. One can’t argue that it’s a bad thing in matter of fact I’m here to argue that it is a wonderful thing.

First, let’s understand the real reason why Bernie is on mainstream media all of the sudden. It’s about the money! People love Bernie, I mean 13 million people did vote for the man. He’s popular and with popularity comes ratings, and ratings comes money. We aren’t fooled by the sudden rise of Bernie on these stations. CNN has done town halls, interviews, debates with Ted Cruz, he frequently comes on and comments on what’s happening in D.C. For example, the CNN Debate with Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz was the ranked the #1 show broadcasted that day. So let’s be crystal clear why they want Bernie, as ironic as it is, money.

He is becoming a common face for the American household that 3 years ago probably never said the phrase democratic socialism. Which brings me to my main point. Mainstream media at first played with Trump because it brought good ratings, they aired his outrageous comments and that led to more ratings and so on and so on until our current reality became reality. What I’m trying to point out is that there is a similarity between how the media favored Trump early on for ratings and how they are currently favoring Bernie for ratings. As it was with Trump there were unintended consequences for their actions and I believe they might have the same affect this time around.

Now let’s look at an unintended consequence of this sudden Bernie rise, which is he is getting his message out. The more air time Bernie gets the next four years the better. More and more of your families are going to see Bernie not only on mainstream media across the country but they will see discussions about his policy, they will see his ideas being explained, his vision of America shared. The talk of single payer healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, a progressive action to combat climate change and create a green energy economy, campaign finance reform, and so on. That my friend is the seed for a Sanders 2020 presidency. I know, I know it’s way too early and there are a thousand things that can happen between now and then. All I’m saying is that this coverage of Bernie on mainstream media might be doing good on ratings for these companies but what they are not seeing is that he is becoming well known and loved outside of just us millennials.

Does this mean we’ll have a #Sanders2020 campaign? No. 
 Does this mean mainstream media has had a moral awakening and wants to help lead the resistances? No. 
 Does this mean that we can forget about all the horrendous actions taken by Trump? Hell no.

I like to whisper of dreams. I like to dream of little what if’s. Today after hearing Bernie talk on CNN about Republicans cowardly bailing on town halls this thought came to mind. This was nothing more than me sharing an idea, a dream, a whisper, I had early.

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