I feel like I have to start thinking now about how much travel I want to do this year, and how many “career-building opportunities,” and so on—because otherwise I’ll say yes to everything that I’m excited about doing, and then I’ll run out of money.
How Much of My 2017 Discretionary Income Have I Already Spent?
Nicole Dieker

Unfortunately, 60k is not a lot of money for even one person in some areas of the country. I pay more than half that amount in rent alone.

It’s good that you are budgeting ahead of time, though I guess I am confused by the tone of the article. Do you feel like you were able to travel and spend money more freely last year? Do you feel like your dollar just isn’t going as far this year? I would imagine that if you had made a similar amount of money last year, and your lifestyle did not change drastically, your own financial situation should not be that surprising to you.

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