I’d say this is Jagex signalling to their community
Without knowing the whole story here, I’d say this is Jagex signalling to their community what kind…
Dan Cecile

Well, I agree with you here, they are virtue signalling, which is why people are having an issue in the first place, it’s not out of hatred for LGBTQ+ community.

What exactly IS a LGBTQ+ gamer? How are they different from other gamers? Does it even make sense to lump gamers into categories like this? If we both play OldSchool Runescape, I would say we have much more in common regardless of gender and sexuality than two gay or straight gamers that play different games. The game is the common interest, not what sexual preferences the individual has in real life.

You last paragraph is just generalization, implying everyone that isn’t happy about this in-game situation is a hateful gamer, while at the same time implying that these pro-LGBTQ+ people are diverse and respectful. Why are they forcing their lifestyle down everyone’s throat then? Please tell me again how it’s not political.

In any case, if I were employed at Jagex I would do whatever was required of me to do my job successfully. I believe businesses do not get to pick and choose their customers if they want to be successful, so my brain does not even go in this direction.

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