Free Pilates Workout (at-home)

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Based on my background with football and traditional strength training, most people wouldn’t expect me to know Pilates. I have surprisingly been certified in Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer for over four years. While I don’t think a person should only do one thing for exercise (ie. Pilates, Yoga, Pole Fitness(lolz) ), I definitely incorporate things I have learned through Pilates with my personal coaching. If you’re looking for a free and simple workout you can do anywhere (without equipment), give this home Pilates workout a try:

Free Pilates Workout

Rounds: perform this list 3 times for a 20–25 minute home workout

Exercise: Static Bridge

Description: Lying on your back, “bridge” up with both feet planted firmly on the ground. With your hips and lower segment elevated, hold that position while engaging the gluteal muscles.

Repetitions: 1:00 minute

Exercise: Roll-ups

Description: Lie faceup. Extend arms to ceiling, lifting head and engaging core to roll up smoothly. Reach forward with hands reaching toward toes while still drawing your waist back to create length along your spine and maintaining a feeling of drawing your abs in. Slowly roll back down.

Repetitions: 5

Exercise: Superman Flexion

Description: Lie facedown. Place hands underneath shoulders. Engage core and lift head slightly. Raise your chest up and extend arms forward as you lift legs 1 inch above the mat. Hold, then lower everything down to the mat.

Repetitions: 10

Exercise: Side-lying Leg Raises

Description: Lying on one side and with a straight leg, raise the top leg up as high as you comfortably can. Slowly lower leg and repeat.

Repetitions: 15 each side

Exercise: Hundreds

Description: Lie faceup, arms at sides. Curl head, neck, and shoulders up, and extend legs to a sustainable level (where abs stay engaged but lower back is not lifting from the mat). Begin pumping arms up and down, breathing in for 5 counts and exhaling for 5 counts, totaling 10 breath cycles.

Repetitions: 100 counts

Exercise: Slow Vertical Scissors

Description: Lie faceup. Curl head and neck up to raise shoulders slightly off the ground. Lift left leg 1 inch above the mat and extend right leg to ceiling, bringing your hands to your ankle. Double-pull your right leg, then switch legs. Maintain hip stability throughout the exercise. To modify, softly bend knees and keep head down. For more challenge, reach arms by ears throughout, keeping hands out.

Repetitions: 10 each side

Exercise: Quadruped Glute Kicks

Description: Facing down on your hands and knees, fully extend one leg back while engaging the gluteal muscle. Return to starting position and repeat.

Repetitions: 15 each side

Exercise: Quadruped Hip Circles

Description: Facing down on your hands and knees, fully extend one leg back, then drive leg out and forward, as if you were going over a hurdle.

Repetitions: 15 each side

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