Trump the Uniter

The culture of confrontation and the coming unity in the post-Trump era.

Americans are appalled, embarrassed, saddened, mad, and a whole host of other emotions at President Trump’s recent public fight with yet another Gold Star family. This fight, and his reactions to the recent string of American tragedies and crises, have made it more clear than ever that Donald Trump completely lacks the ability to empathize or have the least bit of care for people other than himself and his family.

That’s not what we expect in our president. In fact, that’s just not okay. The president should be a person who reflects the values of the American people, shouldn’t they?

We could just add the recent incidents to the long list of appalling, embarrassing, saddening, maddening, etc…things this president has done in his compulsion to constantly engage in public fights, or we could look at why we’ve allowed this to happen. How did such a despicable person become our president?

The truth is that the presidency of Donald Trump is a result of a long devolution toward a national culture of confrontation and fighting. Fueled by the mass media and social media that has consumed all areas of our lives these days, the fighting culture seems nearly impossible to escape. It’s in politics, sports, entertainment, it’s everywhere, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. We’ve reached complete saturation in the culture of confrontation, and we are also reaching a tipping point and a growing backlash.

Americans have grown tired of the fight. It seems like everywhere we go people are talking about it. We’re exhausted from it, and we just want it to end. Many of us, including me, are taking action to begin to bring about the end of the culture of confrontation and fighting.

More and more Americans are resolving to not let Trump represent our values. We are stepping up, almost in defiance of him, to go out of our way to be nice to others, and to make positive impacts in our communities and in the lives of others. There’s even a Twitter hash tag #thismandoesnotspeakforme.

With his fighting and his never-ending perpetuation of an ‘us versus them’ narrative, Trump is actually uniting us. He’s uniting us in a growing national movement toward civility and helping each other. He has sparked a backlash against his boorish behavior, and he’s actually helping to plant the seeds for a kinder, gentler America in the post-Trump years. We’re at the dawn of a new era of civility that will have very positive political implications.

Many have theorized that Trump’s election was a sort of backlash against the Obama presidency and multiculturalism. There may be some truth to that, but Trump was just the vehicle for that backlash, not the driver of it. It was building long before Trump showed up.

Now there’s a growing anti-Trump and anti-confrontation culture backlash to be harnessed. In 2020, the best opponent to Trump’s reelection will be the candidate who can tap into the new unity in a positive way, and ride it to victory.

The next president will be the person who brings us all together with a positive and inpiring message of unity. The next president will be the person who leads us into that new era of civility, and a culture of helping each other. That’s the America we are longing for. That’s the president we want.

I don’t know who that person will be, but I know that every day Trump is making it easier and easier for them to be successful.

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