Afrikan Vodoun (Cosmology)

Vodun for Ogun, the God of War

Spiritual ways originated from the traditions of afrikan diaspora. A cultural form of afro-american religions developed by west africans rooted in Dahomey Vodun, resulted from the atlantic slave trade. Vodun dolls were introduced into the american lexicon, refugees from the haitian revolution. Fon people what is now benin. “Ancestor worship, knowledge of herbs, poisons and the ritual creation of charms and amulets, intended to protect one self or harm of others are the key elements of magic (Vodun). The ouanga is a charm used to poison an enemy contained the toxic roots of the figuier maudit tree brought from africa and preserved in the caribbean. Its all about the veneration of ancestors and the respect for elders. Voodoo queens preside over ceremonial meetings and rituals, dances, masquerades. They earn income by administering charms, amulets & magical powders guaranteed to cure ailments, grant desires and destroy ones enemies. Marie Laveau was the first voodoo queen notied for achievements in 1830 in louisiana. A catholic who used the religion to protect african spiritual system true beliefs. Saint Expedite represents the spirit standing between life and death. Voodoo Kings, were spiritual leaders. Vodun has acquired an exotic hollywood image now in movies like white zombie and true blood. The misconception of hexing and sticking pins into dolls. Now vodun is an underground religion or spiritual system, its a “business of superstions” now selling fake potions, powders and gris-gris. Voodoo ceremonies are held to offset contemporary problems such as drugs, prostitution and assaults. Legba (a vodun priest) presides over specific activities, recite the Hail Mary & Lords Prayer. In Voodoo Herbalism, the “cure-all” mixture can solve all problems. Mixing in a glass thats rubbed against a black cat and the mixture is slowly sipped. Vodun dolls is a form of gris-gris (sympathetic magic) used to bless and have power to curse. You pin a pic on a doll to represent the spirit of the person. The Gris-gris is performed from one of four categories: love-power-domination-luck/finance-uncrossing.

Vodun Art

A Divine center called Mawu is a female being who bore seven children and gave each rule over a certain realm of nature. Natural phenomena historical mythical individuals. Nommos. The creator embodies a dual (twin) cosmogonic principle of which mawu the moon and lisa the sun are respectfully the female and male aspects often portrayed as the twin children of the creator. (Numma/Nommo) Legba, the male priest and Mawu is the female priest, persons with prominent phallus-legba mawu. I am mawus androgynous son, is represented as a rainbow serpent. The mediator between the spirits and the living, maintains balance, order, peace and communication. All creations is considered divine and therefore contains the power of the divine. Only blood relatives are allowed in the family convent, strangers are forbidden. Strangers are allowed to worship only the spirits of the standard pantheon. Vodun and Bo’ also called Obo’ or Juju in yoruba. Bo’ is a culture science who priest are called bokonon or bokotonon. Vodun means to be devoted to the culture of the ancestors. Its a way of life aka religion. Priority is given to the ancestors with them interceding on behalf of families and descendants towards the almighty. Only the Loas (messengers) with the help of the dead have access to the almighty creator. The Great Spirit “Assanyi” equals the spirit of those who have passed before us. The clan of vodun is an assertion of identity and origin with culture and worshiping process specific to a family collective tribe. The revolution was conspired from vodun, its spiritual system is powerful. Olodumare (god) the “Orishas” equals gods of nature and spirit. {Eleggun, Oggun, Ochoshi, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango, Oya, Babalu Aiye, Orula} These are the deities in West Africa. The High priest/priestess expresses the serpents power.

“Voodoo Guardians of the Peace”

Black Magic

Vodun medicine/magic has roots in the “ifa corpus”, a religious text revealed by Orunmila, a mystic prophet from the ancient city of Ileife, Ile-ife is now known as yoruba land. The ancient text of the ifa corpus is the foundation for the art of divine herbology, spiritual enlightment and elevation to free the soul. King Oduduwa from the bronze age led pilage from africa, egypt the psychosomatic spells. He was the vehicle for carrying profound knowledge of the human spirit. Europeans were brought up superstitiously and killed african-american slaves for practing Vodun “black magic” a african spiritual system during the atlantic slave trade…. to be continued

“Voodoo Guardians of the Peace”

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