James Orsini
Feb 5 · 2 min read

Sasha: And the last shall be first…
By James Orsini- President The Sasha Group
You know that feeling when you are standing in the back of what seems to be an endless line and you see someone you know, someone with connections that pulls you off the back of the line and moves you to the front? Yeah, that feeling that someone has recognized you as special, different, important or meaningful; I can’t help but feel like Gary Vaynerchuk has just done that for small and mid- size businesses.
A few weeks back Gary launched the latest Vayner X company, The Sasha Group. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gary-vaynerchuks-vaynerx-expands-with-the-launch-of-the-sasha-group----providing-education-consulting-and-marketing-services-to-unlock-explosive-business-growth-for-small-businesses-300778322.html
A firm dedicated to serving businesses with top line revenue of $1 to $100 million. I am privileged to have been selected to lead the group as President. Over the past year I have been working more closely with clients this size in preparation for the launch. There are some striking differences from my past 25 years serving Fortune 500 clients like Walmart, General Mills, Wendy’s and JC Penney to name a few. These are a loyal client base who often are led by passionate entrepreneurs. They yearn for good business counsel and once accepted into their camp, they consult you on virtually all aspects of their business. You become La Familia!
The need is great, the time is right, and The Sasha Group is the solution. With more than 50% of startups going out of business in their first five years and with a US demographic moving to 50% self employed by 2030, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these small businesses will resurrect to be the life blood of our US economy as they were before the industrial revolution. Never has it been so sexy and so popular to wear the badge entrepreneur. The Sasha Group is a company infused with entrepreneurial DNA but with the A team experience of servicing a Fortune 500 client base. We offer education, consulting and digital marketing services to our clients from locations in the North (NYC) and South (Chattanooga).
Early signs from our launch are promising. Nearly 5,000 inquires hitting our website in the first week and notes of appreciation from small businesses all over the world thanking us for finally giving them a voice. No longer treated like second class citizens to the Fortunate 500 of this world, small businesses have an agency they can call their own. We hear you! We see you! Come on in and join The Sasha Group at the front of the line.www.thesashagroup.com

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