James Orsini
Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

You’ve got to have heart
By James Orsini
This weekend I spent time reflecting on the importance of the heart. Not only from the perspective of our natural bodies, but from that of our society. I could not help but recall the numerous sayings that I have heard throughout my life and career. I’ve heard these from my family, from my teachers and coaches and yes even from bosses and colleagues. This weekend they came from the pulpit of a church service I attended.

Effort and Intent phrases:
Ø Put your heart into it
Ø Don’t give me a half-hearted effort
Happy Phrases:
Ø A joyous heart
Ø My heart leaped
Ø My heart is pounding
Ø My heart is filled with Joy
Sad Phrases:
Ø My heart is sick
Ø My heart is heavy
Ø My heart sank
Ø My heart is broken
Ø My heart is saddened
Ø My heart aches
We’ve put so much emphasis on a single organ to portray us to the world at a single moment in time. We are encouraged to care for our physical heart throughout our lives; treating it right with diet and exercise.

Wouldn’t society be a better place if we all lead with our hearts? If our intentions were always in the right place? If we purposed for the positive efforts, if we set out to emphasize the intent of the happy heart phrases and minimize our desire to bring on the sad heart phrases.
Is this a wishful utopia I seek? Am I callused by more than 50 plus years of the fast-paced cut throat nature of the North East region here in America? Kindness is really, not a weakness. I would argue the ability to shape someone’s heart favorably is one of the most powerful acts we can demonstrate. I encourage you today to put your heart into it and make a sincere effort to bring joy to someone else’s heart.

(Dedicated to my friend and colleague Claude Silver -Chief Heart Officer of Vaynermedia)

James Orsini

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