Social Justice in Nudity? GTFOH

Sometimes I think I was more in tune with stuff that truly matters when I was off social media for a couple of months earlier this year. But, since I’m not anymore, two notes:

Posting photos of your punani (or just the hairy portion of it) is not an exercise of feminism. Susan B. Anthony, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem and thousands others never revealed their body parts as an exercise of feminism or to advocate for equality. Amber Rose merely wanted attention, and she got it. She does a disservice to all those women that actually did something for our daughters and sisters when she says her act was one in fight of feminism.

I just learned who Milan Christopher is. If I could go back in time (yesterday) to avoid learning about him, I would. Posting pictures of you nude is not an act of righteousness as a gay black man. Bayard Rustin, RuPaul Charles, and men of color that served in the military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fought it from within and once they were kicked out, they are righteous. Milan wanted attention, got naked in front of an old white gay man, and wanted to “break the internet like Kim Kardashian.” Doing that had nothing to do with equality for gay men, black men, or gay black men.

It’s a reach and just wrong to use real meaningful social struggles to justify actions to seek attention. There’s nothing virtuous in what Amber Rose and Milan Christopher posted. It was a ploy, a tactic for fame and social media chatter at whatever the cost. As RuPaul says, it was for the “coins, honey, those coins.” And, they’ll probably get paid with new bookings, but it had nothing to do with social justice.