My Purpose: Creating a Small, Private Life
Jimmy A. Hernández

Update: I’ve deleted all my social media accounts (except Medium) in my effort to live a more private, quieter life. I’m still traveling, trying new things (I’ve picked up snowboarding and stand up paddle boarding), reading and lots of listening to music. I’m in a relationship and, hopefully, may even be on a path to starting a family. I no longer have FOMO (the fear of missing out) that’s often associated with social media, and I find political banter on the cable channels more of a waste of time than informative.

I do, however, miss being involved in policy and working on big projects I once led. I was once the communications director of the National Voter Registration Day where I created all communications tools and content in the holiday’s nascent years. Today, especially in 2016, it was huge event and I can still see my finger print on the holiday’s website and messaging. But, I don’t miss the attention or the pressure that naturally comes with national events that are politically associated.

I’m still happy and content with my choice to unplug. I have more space and time to focus on personal goals. Once I feel those are achieved, perhaps then, I will return to a life of an activist.