Sandister Tei, the 2020 Wikimedian of the Year

When I first created Wikipedia back in 2001, the internet was a very different place. Only seven percent of people worldwide had a broadband connection, and more people spent time building personal websites than getting their news online. I knew what I wanted to create: a free encyclopedia, written by volunteers, for everyone in the world. But I wasn’t sure I knew how to do it.

I always joke that I’m a pathological optimist, so I was excited that this was almost a ridiculously big concept. And it worked. …

Right now is the perfect time to take a look at something different to get your creative energies going… When you light up the Internet, anything is possible.

My friend, Larry Lessig, is trying something a bit crazy, but maybe just crazy enough get America back on a track to becoming a representative democracy.

The vast majority of Americans believe their government has been captured. If there were a referendum to end that corruption, it’s clear America would vote overwhelmingly to support it. But the American constitution doesn’t give the people the power of a referendum. …

Jimmy Wales

You know, the @Wikipedia and @Wikia guy. Free speech activist, entrepreneur.

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