The Black Male Formula sheet

The Black Formula sheet

Black Male + Police Officer = Death,Riots,Violent Protest. (Answer depends on variables)

Black Male + x = Success. True only when “x” equals Pro Athlete,Song Artist,or Movie Star

Black Male * Black Male is greater than 2, The product is always trouble.

Black Male + Other is equivalent to a relationship only when other is equal to White Female

Black Male is equivalent to single parent household (Mother)

Black Male = 60% of Men in jail.

Black Male = Violence + Aggression

Black Male + Children is greater than 5+ kids

Black Male = Unpaid Child Support

Black Male + Media = Bad News

Black Male + Marriage = Mistress

Black Male + Women = Domestic Violence

Black Male + Fruit = Watermelon

Black Male + Food = Fried Chicken

Black Male is equivalent to Ghetto and Thug

Black Male does not equal faithful

Black Male + Music = Rap (Trap)

Black Male/Priorities = Money and Drugs

Black Male = Womanizer

REMINDER: All formulas must be back checked. Formulas must be proven to be held true. All formulas are not absolute, exceptions can be made. Formulas are only to be used for those who choose to not check for legitimacy.

Exceptions to Formulas:

If Black Male is a godly man

If Black Male chooses to create his own path

If Black Make is determined to be successful

If Black Male holds a degree and moves on to have a successful career

If Black Male is not defined by media presentations

If Black Male grew up in a loving and two parent household

If Black Male has grown to be an understanding and diverse man

If Black Male has grown to respect woman and others for who they are

If Black Male chooses to follow a career path not dealing with fame or celebrity status

If Black Male is proven to be a kind and gentle sole

*Exceptions are to applied to the formulas for legitimacy.