Efficientman 1: GTD Method

Do you want to shed your bad habits? Do you want to manage your time more efficiently? Today we are going to talk about GTD method and the most powerful tool of GTD — OmniFocus.


This time,we are not going to discuss more about GTD, one picture can tell us about the simple way to tease out the secret of GTD.

A flowchart I made to show how GTD works

More information about GTD we will talk later or you can google it.


Lots of errands or urgent events may usurp our time,making us frustrated and depressed. Using a GTD app can help us to build our own workflow to prevent this situation happening.


OmniFocus has a inbox just like the method in GTD. When you want to take a bento-box lunch to your school or office tomorrow, it is a simple way that you write an item in your inbox.

Then you could organize your item’s defer or due time.


The most important part of this article is about the contexts. It based on the “categorize” part of GTD.

Most people don’t like OmniFocus because it has only contexts and no multiple tags can add to each item. The app lack of this function may spark a backlash over those who want to try GTD method for their lives.

But there is one tack I found can help you build multiple tags for your items.

See,you can add #tag in your item’s note. Daring GTDers on the websites found many ways to expand the ways we can use.


Our white collars and many school students work doggedly hard, but most of them could perceive their time still be deprived by somebody else. Time managers always run into a row about how to feel relaxed when we have too many things to do. Ascribing all this to GTD apps that they have more or less bugs or lack of features, rather than you have wrong ideas about GTD methods, it sounds counter-intuitive that we can not categorize our files or todo lists more systematic.


The culprit — a euphemism to describe the problem under this issue is we don’t know when and where we can do our best in our works and achieve more power after it. Overtone under it is that we have to categorize our contexts in different situations. Like we can put priorities over our tasks or we can set up places and times for our projects.

There are ways to avoid hard working, a game or irresistibly watching movies which everyone was talking about may corrupt all your workflows.


So I build up my perspectives based on the “The Eisenhower Method” and the tags we talk about earlier.

It just like a belt-and-brace approach which I want to prevent myself going into wrong situations when I have overwhelming tasks.

Wish every can spurn bad habits by using good method and tools.

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