Emotional Health, Temptation and Sin

As sinners, we primarily respond to sin through our emotion.

The reason we give into temptation after we’ve resolved not to is because of how sin makes us feel.

When tempted, we give into the feeling that comes when we sin.

This is why emotional health is critical to spiritual health.

As ironic as it might seem, our spiritual highs are actually conduits to more highs we seek even through sin.

As long as emotions last, we’re able to live a pretty good life. Because we’re feeling it. We’re riding on the waves of emotions and and they carry us through — for a while.

But when that feeling or emotion subsides, our souls begin to crave something that will help us relive them.

When we our emotionally unhealthy, we seek to relieve monotony, stress and discomfort through any medium that will make us ‘feel better’.

And as far as religion & spirituality goes, when it tells us to buckle up and simply resist — if we’re emotionally healthy or mature, we can’t. We won’t.

We have so conditioned ourselves to doing everything we can to ‘feel better’ that when the opportunity presents itself — we don’t think twice. We simply give in.

To cope, or to feel better, we indulge by watching endless Netflix, overeat, drink, take pills, or overwork — just about anything to make us feel better. And there are others that pursue money, partner, or career that would finally make them happy.

Alleviation is what leads us to our secret, ongoing and repetitive sins.

And when we choose to depend on ourselves to feel better, we forfeit Christ’s power that makes us brand new.

I do not want you to miss this.

All the talk about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior leads to surrendering all of our emotions and our ‘need to feel better’ to Jesus.

Our self-conditioned selves has to bear the cross, follow Jesus and be crucified.

We, with our sinful selves, can’t hate sin or resist sin on our own. Because it makes us feel better.

But when we finally put to death ourselves (therefore our need and prerogative to feel better) — we experience the power of God unto salvation and resurrection!

This is no theological jargon.

This is reality to all truly committed followers of Jesus who die on a daily basis.

These are those who have taken the steps necessary to become emotionally stable and mature in Christ Jesus.

Their hearts and eyes were opened to the reality that all they’ve ever wanted or needed was Jesus.

Because in Christ, they don’t feel the need to feel good.

For they have been made good.





Son and Daughter of God.

And in Christ, they possess everything!

All power, all wisdom, all knowledge, all patience, all joy, all peace . . . ALL!

Everything in Christ Jesus!

Because the Lord is their Shepherd, they are NOT IN WANT. (Ps. 23:1)

They don’t want anything.

They just want Jesus!

And hence, they overcome sin and become more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! (Romans 8:37)

Now, do you get it? Are you beginning to see where you are and what’s offered in Christ Jesus?