Not gonna lie. Cried like a baby watching The Fault in Our Stars on the plane from Korea.

Want to thank the writer for giving me a fresh perspective on cancer, death, funeral and good ole’ fashioned letters (or printed emails).

Lessons learned:

1. We’re all dying. Terminally.
2. We all need friends/companions.
3. You’ve got nothing to lose when you’re dying.
4. Being able to breathe freely is truly a gift.
5. Death somehow helps you live more fully and love deeply.
6. I need a funeral rehearsal before I die — for funerals are for the living.
7. Sometimes it’s better to not get what you wished for.
8. Parental love & sacrifice in the face of death is truly divine.
9. Perfect love does drive out all fear.
10. All cancer, death and sin — broke the heart of Jesus on the cross.

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