On Rigid and Formal Churches

Rigid & stubborn churches have almost always paved the way for people to be flippant & frivolous.

The very act of trying to protect “purity” or “holiness” has always backfired and has been counterproductive in protecting what they were trying to protect in the first place.

When people are sick & tired of rigidity and formality — they begin to place an emphasis on freedom and head over to the other extreme of frivolous spirituality.

If people had come up with fresh, creative and flexible ideas to put an emphasis on purity, reverence and holy fear — we would not be where we are today.

경박과 경직은 종이 한 장 차이다.

경직된 교회 몬화에 염증을 느낀 사람들이 그 반작용으로 자유함을 강조하다가

경박한 영성으로 넘어간다. 권위주의에 반발하다가 방자해지는 것이다.