In the past few years, the quality of air has worsened from its safe limits in Delhi and has adversely affected the health of several people. The recent Deepavali celebration with fireworks and firecrackers has further added the hazardous chemicals in the environment, which has affected the health of Delhites, especially those suffering from respiratory problems.

As a result of pollutants in the environment, the sinuses and the nasal passage gets clogged with impurities which may cause infection and inflammation. In fact, yoga has given much importance to nasal hygiene as it is connected with conditions like allergies, sinusitis, migraine, headache and asthma. Jala neti is a simple yogic technique to clean and purify the toxins from the nasal passage and the sinuses and keep them in good functional condition. It improves our breathing and helps reduce stress and tension.

For Jala Neti, a neti pot is required. It has a spout, the tip of which is inserted into the nostril. Take half litre of lukewarm water (42◦ C) and add half a teaspoon of salt in this. Mix it well and then transfer this in the Neti pot.

1. Put the tip of the spout in your left nostril.
2. Gently turn your head to the left and open the mouth and breath slowly from your mouth. The water will start flowing from your left nostril to the right nostril. 
3. Continue to pour water in the left nostril until it gets over.
4. Fill the pot with the lukewarm water and do the same process with your other nostril.
5. After finishing Jala Neti, blow your nose by moving the head up and down and then right to left. Ensure that no water is left in the nasal passage.