Teen Vogue Appoints Elaine Welteroth as Editor in Chief

Let’s hear it for Elaine Welteroth!

Elaine Welteroth

Teen Vogue has appointed her to be the new Editor in Chief. Welteroth was first named an editor working closely with Digital Director Phillip Picardi and Creative Director Marie Suter. But thanks to her tremendous success in creating such an image for the magazine she was awarded her new position over Teen Vogue as Picardi and Suter take over Allure Magazine.

Welteroth has created such a buzz for TeenVogue.com by incorporating a cultural and political voice by covering events like the election of President Trump. Her new position will be to manage the brand’s vision through print and digital. “Elaine is incredibly in tune with the Teen Vogue audience, and has used that unique insight to engage and connect with her readers on a very personal level,” says Anna Wintour.

Conde Nast reported that since Welteroth has taken over, TeenVogue.com has managed to increase their visitors to 9.2 million, a 2.7 million increase from last year. The Teen Vogue subscriptions have even increased a total number of 535 percent. Let’s see what she has in store for Teen Vogue next.

Congratulations to you Elaine Welteroth.


Maura Brannigan. Fashionista. April 27, 2017.

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