The Orijinns: Our Story

Of course, we had to title our very first blog with a cringeworthy pun because at Jinn we truly have an ear for corny jokes…


A fake movie poster to make us look super cool

In today’s world everyone loves a good startup story. Everyone wants that Zuckerberg or Jobs kind of movie worthy content where every single piece of the story from the colors of the logo to the classes used in the front-end frameworks has meaning. So fair warning: the Jinn story is nothing like that. But in our mind it is still one we hope you find interesting and might even enjoy! Now let’s get down to the orijinns.

For3st hall — Where it all started

We started out as college buddies spending our first semester living together in what will be forever known as Babson’s For3st. (A Babson residence hall) It didn’t take long before we figured out we all had a common passion for innovation and by extension technology. As time went on, this passion began to take us a lot of directions — both together and separately. In that year alone we had successfully failed at starting 4 businesses doing everything ranging from solar electricity to installing smart thermostats. In addition to these failures, we also succeeded at losing many hackathons across the country. We were on a roll! But through much failure we learned a ton about technology and business operations - to the point where our knowledge was getting us hired as freelance developers, bizdev interns, and design interns. We as a group even became the technical consulting division to the College’s Blank Center.

Just a few of our many successes and failures

Fast forward to the next year: we had under our belt one very successful college tech club with living space on campus known as Babson </code>, a bunch of freelance and hackathon experience, experience working on many different businesses of our own, and experience working at growing companies across the world for our summer internships. Pretty good for a couple of kids who didn’t know each other the year prior. But we still didn’t have that one thing that we were all extremely excited and passionate about. We were still searching for it, still looking for a venture worth not sleeping for.

A month into our third semester we were on a brainstorming quest. We wanted to start something of our creation and see how large we could grow it. Our only problem… we couldn’t think of that one awe inspiring and globally disrupting thing that could give us that Zuck kind of startup story. Then one late night we sat together for a while and thought what if we don’t come up with the ideas? What if our role is to enable those who have them to execute? Through our actions and failures over the years, we had developed many skills of which people don’t necessarily have the time or patience to learn and preform on their own. We had development experience, social media marketing experience, investor pitch experience and so much more. So it came to us, maybe we can create value out of that…

So so we said “Screw it,” and registered a company under the name Gynus… Because as I said before we like puns, and we thought spelling genius with a y would be a good idea Yeah… we now realize that would have been a mistake as in the eloquent words of our friend Sunny “That name kinda sounds like a Chronic Illness.” So we stayed up until we could think of a name that didn’t sound like a term found on Web MD. The next morning we called the registration office to have them change the paperwork to say Jinn, LLC, bought the domain Jinn.Tech threw up a landing page, and made some vector versions of ourselves.

the super professional vector version of ourselves

Now we were as official as ever and it was time to start selling our technical services to anyone and everyone who would buy. After no time at all, we had projects coming our way from every direction. Our workload was growing but our capacity wasn’t. So we learned an amazing skill: how to hire. We started finding people around the world that could work with us and grow the capacity of the company. From developers to designers to some of the best project managers you will ever come across, we were meeting people from every corner of the earth to right in our own backyard.

Where we operate out of

Fast forward to today: we are a full service web development, app development, digital marketing and tech consulting firm operating out of the Americas, Europe and Asia. We have clients ranging from professors to school institutions to existing application companies that need updates on their existing legacy systems. We have had the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams, create their visions, pursue their passions and have a blast while doing it.

A Motivational Instagram post that should come off as Ironic

So though everyone loves that world changing super meaningful kind of success story that we see in those motivational Instagram posts, we think our story is pretty damn cool too. We successfully wandered our way into an operational business and have had the chance to learn so much and meet so many people all because one day we decided to just dive in. Through our failures we managed to create value, and we think that is more important than anything those Instagram posts tell you. So we made one… :P If you ever have something tech related that you need help with, want developed, or if you are just looking to learn something new, feel free to send us a FB message at any time. Our hours of operations are global so we no longer have time to sleep anyways! :P

BTW Remember before I said we lost at a bunch of hackathons across the country? Well in our most recent one, we came out with a victory… In Vegas… which just so happened to be the largest Fintech Hackathon in the world. Read about it here