The Power of Being

‘Stay as the self’

Where not to be enlightened.

Modern humans are so invested in their head energy, that most never realise the power inherant in their spiritual being.

What kind of power am I talking about?

Well, primarily the power to ground our attention into a place of peace and rejuvination. Where dreams and unicorns are no longer a thing of fantasy, but a very tangible reality.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the being, our ground-self, is maybe the most powerful tool we have for self healing and rejuvination.

Too often do we hear our peers are giving up on life, or in the less extreme just feeling unloved, and without real purpose. A generation of hard-drinking, dank-smoking’, tinder loving’, machinamas.

Can the solution be as simple as staying in the being?

What is the being anyway?

I. have. no. idea.

But, I can tell you how to find it.

Finding the Land of Chocolate Fairies and Unending Bliss

So here goes — the greatest, most revered spiritual practice, across hundreds of cultures, through thousands of years, is now yours. The search is over.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a deserted cave.
  2. Dispose of your clothes and wear a loin cloth (Preferably around your nether regions).
  3. Spend the next 30 years chanting ‘Kumbaya’.
  4. Voila, enlightenment.

Here’s an email I got based on this ground-breaking formula…

‘30 years? Are you kidding me. All I have is 3 minutes. If you can make this happen in 3 minutes, ill do it. Otherwise, shove-off.’

Ok, smart guy, don’t do the following if you aren’t interested in finding permanent bliss:

Answer me this — How do you know you exist?

Close your eyes a second, does everything disappear?

Or do you feel a sense of body? Maybe your butt on the chair, or your back on the bed? A general sense that your torso, and legs, and hands are right where you left them.

What is this sense of body? Its been there all along but I’ve never really bothered with it.

Well, its the key to everything.

Three Minutes

Ok — Its time now. Here are the real steps:

  • Set a timer for three minutes.
  • Sit down somewhere. Place your right hand on your sternum — This is your centre point. Take a deep breath, relax.
  • Keep your attention on that feeling of body, where your hand meets your chest.
  • Stay there. If thoughts come, thats cool, just go back to your centre point.

Share your experiences in the comments.