Free Speech Tho
Matt Lubchansky

This could be a good sci-fi thriller!

Change the name of the PC, make them a computerized process, and have a penalty count instead of instantaneous death. At implementation there is huge support, and all the assholes die. But slowly, people who weren’t that bad start to go. Social and civil leaders fall like flies. The PC are unerring and hear all, but humanity turns out to be inherently flawed. People are built to group themselves around stupid shit. Everyone has a little -ist in them, hidden in the assumptions we make to form those imaginary groups. We’ve built our own death count. Tensions rise but aren’t spoken. Those that avoid situations that could expose their hidden prejudices survive. Camps naturally separate by race, gender, and sexuality. Is love doomed? If not, could the imaginary things we separate ourselves by lead to actual genetic variation, even speciation? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PC SHUT DOWN??

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