How To Activate Jio Sim For Volte, LTE & eKYC Process.
How To Activate Jio Sim For Volte, LTE & eKYC Process.

Have you got the Jio Sim card but don’t know how to activate it? It doesn’t matter if you have purchased the Jio sim at the Jio stores, got the Jio Sim for free with the barcode or by any other means.

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The activation process is same for all Jio Sim cards. Reliance Jio Sim card works on over 500 devices from more than 10 mobile phone brands. Check out if your phone is eligible by clicking here

Let us see the 4 possible methods to activate the Jio Sim card:

Method 1: Once you get your Jio Sim card, you will have to complete the billing process online. Once done, you will get the receipt for it on your registered e-mail. You would also get an SMS receipt.

You will soon get an SMS asking you to Tele-verify your number

Step by Step Method to Activate Jio Sim Card.

  • Get your Aadhar card and two passports ready when you get your Jio Sim card
  • You will also need a valid e-mail address while you get your Jio Sim card
  • Once you get your Jio sim card, your details will be e-mailed to you.
  • You have to visit the Jio store for verification purpose. The activation of the Jio Sim card is done online
  • You would receive an e-mail and SMS of the receipt
  • Once you get the SMS asking you to Tele-verify your number, call 1977 (Toll-Free)
  • You will have to give the last 4 digits on the Aadhar card and the details of your Jio Sim card receipt while you verify

If you are unable to call 1977, please click here to find solutions.

Method 2: Here’s how you activate your Jio Sim card for VoLTE supported devices. Luckily, VoLTE devices have the chance to get both unlimited internet and unlimited voice calls. Follow the following steps to get your Jio Sim card activated on your VoLTE device.

Step by Step method to activate Jio Sim card for VoLTE device:

  • Call to 1977 to initiate the activation process
  • If you want to enable just the data service, call 1800–890–1977
  • The Reliance Jio Sim pack will have your Jio number. You will need to key in your number while you call to activate
  • The last 4 digits of your ID document has to be entered when prompted

Your Jio Sim card will be activated immediately

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Enable the VoLTE support to get unlimited HD video calling facility on your Jio sim card. Check out if your phone is compatible with Jio here

Method 3: How To Activate Jio Sim Card For Your LTE Device:

  • Call 1977 from your registered Jio sim card to complete the Tele-verification
  • Keep your Voter ID and Aadhar card details to help you to activate Jio sim card fast.

When your mobile is LTE supported, you would not get unlimited voice calls. You can convert your LTE device to VoLTE with a simple trick and get your unlimited voice calls.

Reliance Jio Customer Support

There are two telephone numbers from Jio for Tele-verification purposes

  • 1977 — Enable voice and data using this number. Call from your Jio Sim to initiate verification
  • 1800–890–1977 — Enable data services on your Jio sim card by dialing this number from your registered mobile

Method 4: Quick 15-Minute Activation — eKYC method (Available in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru)

According to the recent press release from Reliance Jio, they have set up eKYC centres across India. The centres will operate on Reliance Digital store and Dx mini store. They have started the service at Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

JIO sim eKYC activation
JIO sim eKYC activation

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Just show your Aadhar card, give your bio metrics like eye retina scan or fingerprint. The details will be matched with the UIDIA database that handles the Aadhar card. You can activate your sim card within 15 minutes by using this method.

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