JioFi is the WiFi service introduced by Reliance Jio. If your JioFi device is not connecting you on the expected speed or if you have problems with slow internet connection, you can run the following checks:

Troubleshooting your JioFi device:

  1. Check your daily data limit. If you have exceeded your daily limit, the internet connection would be slow
  2. Check the network indicator
  3. Find out if other websites/apps work normally
  4. Is the device that you are connecting with, is within 10 meters from the JioFi device?
  5. Check the number of connected devices and make sure that it does not exceed 10
  6. Clear off any obstructions between your device and the JioFi device

1. Data limit:

There is a fair user policy that gives every user 1GB of 4G speed data. Once you exceed this limit as a part of the “Happy New Year Offer”, the speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps speed. It will be restored on the next day.

You could check your balance available on the MyJio app. If you want to browse at the same speed after exhausting your free limit, you could buy an additional internet pack

2. Network indicator:

The following indicate:

  • Green bar or full bar: indicates a full network coverage
  • Blue or 2–3 network signal bar indicates that your coverage is average in that area
  • Red bar or less than 2 bars on the network indicates that the signal is weak. Please raise a Service Request by logging in to your Jio account online. It will be sorted out. (The Service Request link is by the profile name in the right-hand corner)

3. Particular website/app:

If just a particular website or app has trouble connecting, it is a problem pertaining to that website or app.

4. Device:

If you have problems with the slow internet after you change to a new device, connect to the internet using any other device. If it is consistent with a device, check it out by taking it to the service center

5. Enjoy High Speed:

To enjoy the best speed from JioFi, ensure that:

  • JioFi device should be kept in an open area. There should be no obstructions to it.
  • There should be no microwave/electromagnetic waves producing devices near the JioFi device
  • Keep your connected device within 10-meter radius of the JioFi device
  • At a time, a maximum of 10 users can be connected online

The Speed of data download:

The download speed of data depends on a number of factors including:

  1. Signal of the location — It primarily depends on where the device is placed, obstructions etc
  2. The number of connected devices also influence the speed of the internet connection. When there are more than specified devices, the speed drops drastically

If nothing works, please request a service request by logging in to your Jio account or accessing the MyJio app. The issue will be solved.

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