Beauty is not an Accomplishment: Our Children’s Impression of Adult Social Media Use

I had an AHA moment not too long ago.

I don’t remember people commenting on how I looked when I was a little girl. What I looked like was not a concern to me, but being good was. Good in school and good at understanding my schoolwork. A good swimmer. A good friend. A good sister. But not caring one bit about being a “good-looking girl.”

I thank my mom for that. Be careful what you train your children to focus on. Let’s not raise a narcissistic generation because our kids see their parents excited to dress them up, get their hair done and put them on camera for all of social media to see.

Tell them they are beautiful, inside and out, and never stop, but don’t make them feel like beauty is an accomplishment. It is not.

Celebrate behaviors worth celebrating. Teach them what is really important and they will be the most beautiful human beings ever.

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