As life goes on.

Reflecting on the past, I haven’t improved myself much. I’m probably taking steps back, becoming who I thought I was in the past.

Maybe I didn’t change at all? Haven’t I always been the same person anyway?

I feel like I’m the same terrible person I was before. I’m always encouraged, and I seem like a great person outside, but it’s all an act, of course. Every person has their own wall. It’s like opening the door with a smile on my face, but if anyone looked past me into the room all they would see would be the sad state of my life. A few pieces of furniture, a dusty table in the center, and some old clothes lying on the floor. Am I really different?


I’m not.

Countless times I’ve told myself that I would improve. I’ll become a better person. I can become the person I want to be. The only thing stopping yourself is you.

That’s a lie to myself.

It’s easy to lie to yourself when you can lie to others easily.

I’ll set some goals to work at. Daily goals.

  1. Don’t lie to yourself or to others.
  2. Be sincere. Don’t try to be someone else.
  3. Do at least one nice thing a day. Not something usual, or expected of you.
  4. Do one more nice thing.
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