Life isn’t too bad.

Although I did somewhat complain about how things weren’t going so well, I’d consider myself to be in a pretty good situation.

Today was quite fun, we met up at Allen’s place to have dinner before we went to take pictures at Artona. I got there earlier than I expected. Rene was there too, which was pretty surprising. Everyone looked really good o3o

The food was really good…. Allen’s such a good cook. He would make a good housewife :^) I really enjoyed the stew and the chicken. Too bad I still cant eat that much.

Well moving along, we got to Artona at around 8, which would have been good if they actually followed the schedule. Understandably so, as they seem to be the only professional grad photo studio around, since grads from as far as Surrey have to travel there for pictures. They’re okay. As I heard from a photographer there, they’re paid to take pictures, not really as much for the quality. And they’re somewhat justified, since there’s a lack of competition. After all, if you’re the only studio taking pictures, you don’t need to worry about the lower standards of quality. Though, when we went this time, the photographer was pretty involved. She seemed to enjoy taking our pictures, and had a pretty fun personality.

I saw someone there I kinda expected to see.

It’s weird to say that. After all, what are the chances you’ll see one person you’d know out of a few thousand graduates from different schools.

I’d like to say I wasn’t surprised though.

She’s cute…..though I was in grade 9? when I had a crush on her. It lasted quite a while too, until maybe grade 11 or so. It’s one of those crushes for me that seem too unrealistic to even think of. Someone who’s a perfect student, musically talented, charming, and delightful to talk to. Student rep, and co-student council president. TLDR: out of league.

As with many other crushes I’ve had/have.

Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and too many mountains in this world for me to keep digging in the same spot for gold.

Something like that.

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