How I got free premium access to Blinkist for just finding a bug that killed their revenue.

I am a student who fed up with engineering college life. Had fun in trying out and exploring play store.

Lots of passion in entrepreneurship and startups made me to try out various resources and apps to learn about startups.

So Blinkist was one of the app that I found on play store very very useful..

You can get the idea of an entire 1000 page or ten thousand page book in just fifteen or twenty minutes.

You get the feeling that you read it and it is one of the must try apps in the app store.

Now let me say how I got the premium access worth $79.99 for just finding a bug.

As in India, most people don’t like to pay for buying a software or an app. The first thing they do after seeing a great app or product is googling “product X crack” or “product x Nulled”. Similar in the case for me.. But didn’t get any. So I just checked the app, is there any technique to use this app.

Eureka Moment!! I found a Bug. Like to know what is that bug that caused loss in their revenue and allowing users to use the app for free?

Lack of Email confirmation

The app lacks the feature to confirm the email. Hence anyone can use any imaginary email and password and within just a press of a button they get access to a one day trial.

You know what to do next. The trial ends on the next day. Then, we can use another imaginary email and use the service..

This small bug was causing lots of loss in their revenue.

So I just wanted to get it free without doing that daily trial re creation. I just sent a mail explaining the issue and at first they hesitated to give the free offer and later gave me their top plan for free..

Thank you Blinkist for creating such an amazing knowledge developing product and offering it to me for free..

I hope you fixed the issue…

Just try it, it’s insanely simple and great to build a knowledge foundation..

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