Heroin Epidemic

Communities need to wake up! If you don’t think you have a problem, you are probably wrong. Big cities, small towns-it doesn’t matter the heroin epidemic is taking over. The heroin epidemic has significantly grown, causing communities and families all over Ohio to be effected. Across Ohio, heroin overdoses are spiking- with an average of 92 overdoses a month. The epidemic has personally affected me through my community. Thirty percent of emergency calls that are placed in my community are due to heroin overdoses. I’ve had a friend struggle with the heartbreaking addiction. This friend and I have not seen each other in years, but we grew up together. He lived next door to my uncle so we played together from the morning until night when I was over. After my first day of college I went over to my grandma’s house to tell her about my day. This is when I received the heartbreaking news that someone I cared about had overdosed. I was so in shock I did not know what to think. I had never received such bad news like this before. He was given narcan which saved his life for now, but addiction is a deadly thing. Not a week seems to go by without a police arrest, an overdose, or a news report reminding me how the heroin epidemic continues to affect my community. Heroin comes knocking on the door with promises of a good time for people, easy money for dealers, and in the end, lost lives and families broken. The epidemic will never stop unless people begin to stand together and fight against the heroin epidemic. You can help fight against it in many ways: from as little as just speaking out about heroin and spreading awareness to attending community events that are taking a stand against the heroin epidemic. Also, just talking about the heroin epidemic spreads awareness and educates people on it. From talking to loved ones or coworkers to talking to your professors and classmates helps spread awareness on this deadly epidemic taking over the nation.

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