Not What I Expected for a “Quick” Meal

With my family and I all on different schedules for dinner. I went ahead and grabbed food from Dairy Queen for dinner. I was expecting to quickly go through the drive through and I expected a decent chicken basket. I needed a quick meal because of all the school work I needed to accomplish that night. Instead when I pulled into Dairy Queen the line was wrapped around the building, so I already knew it would take forever. They were behind in making the chicken, so the workers asked me to pull into a parking space and mumbled something like my food would be out soon. There I sat for twenty minutes as cars before and after me got their food and left. I considered just leaving because it was just ridiculous how long it was taking to make four pieces of chicken. Finally, my food was brought to me and I headed home. When I got home, all I wanted was to indulge in crispy chicken strips and French fries. Instead I was given burnt chicken and under cooked fries. And to make it even worse they did not even get my drink right, I ordered a sweet tea but as I took my first sip I realized quickly it was Dr.Pepper. I threw away the food, annoyed and disgusted, I went to my kitchen and decided to have a turkey sandwich. The next time I need a quick meal, I will not turn to Dairy Queen I’ll just stick with a sandwich from my kitchen.

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