When your thoughts become you
Jonas Ellison

This helps to open ones perspective, I do recall many times in which I had experienced this change in positive and negative outlook, when allowing the negative ego to manifest into a ugly outlook.

I am using an example of a workplace, I spent 8 years investing myself into the entertainment industry, at the time I thought it was a very tough job, sure it was at the end of the week, I had 2–3 days of manual labour and 5 days of late nights, sunsets; beautiful people and positive energy unless it wasn’t how I imagined so the stress created that negative image. there was the time when I thought it was the worse decision.

Flip it around and now it’s the most favourable accomplishments, I learned how to let go and simply control myself and how I react to the situation I have met some significant individuals who have left a lasting impression, personally I. I I am thankful we made that connection.