Trusting in…

I was reading this morning and stumbled across one of the most piercing pieces of scripture I think I’ve ever read. In Job 39 we have a continuation of God’s answer to Job’s questions. If you don’t know the story at this point Job has had a pretty tough life. All his family is dead or has left him, and he’s been joined by 3 not so encouraging friends and a teenager named Elihu, who all feel the need to lend their opinions as to why Job is in his current predicament. It’s been a tough year for him. In God’s reply to Job’s questions and complaints I found this:

Job 39:9–12 (MSG)

9–12 “Will the wild buffalo condescend to serve you,
 volunteer to spend the night in your barn?
Can you imagine hitching your plow to a buffalo
 and getting him to till your fields?
He’s hugely strong, yes, but could you trust him,
 would you dare turn the job over to him?
You wouldn’t for a minute depend on him, would you,
 to do what you said when you said it?”

I read this and thought to myself, do I honestly think that I can control the things that I use to work for me? I’ve heard it said since I was a kid that God is the maker and creator of all things, and that by his hand all things exist as they are in their current state. But how often do we let hubris grow to the point of us actually thinking that we have dominion over the tools and privilages that God has provided for us?

At this point in my life, I’m young and capable. I’m willing to learn and ready to stretch myself to be who I need to be. But if I trust in the tools instead of the creator of the tools, I limit myself to how far those tools will get me. Will I trust in finite impliments of life, or in the infinite Love of Christ? Will I rely upon the dominion I believe I have over things, or will I go in the name of Jesus and be empowered by him? When it comes down to it you have to honestly ask the question; Today I am trusting in…?