Jim Acosta of CNN Spreads Fake News About Trump’s Visit to Congressman Steve Scalise!
Mike Cernovich

You don’t have to watch Mike Cernovich very long to figure out what’s behind the bravado. There’s a child in there, a child who was very likely not physically fit (therefore not attractive to girls), and who talked with a lisp (guaranteeing the ridicule of guys). There was teasing, name-calling, everything that comes with the classic case of bullying. Sad. Worthy of our pity. He was able to get into physical shape, shedding the fat and flab. Of course he eventually overdid it with the weight-lifting and steroids and managed to become a target of derision once again, only on the other side of the spectrum — and this is where the ape b.s. enters. But that lisp…no amount of iron pumping, energy drinks, or steroids could rid him of it. And that’s the anchor, that’s the thread that stretches all the way back to his childhood, tethering him to the memories of the little fat lispy boy with no friends. Fast-forward to today: Mike is on the Internet, where he has thousands of friends. Actually, tens of thousands of friends. Oh, and they’re…“friends.” This is how Mike likes it. This is where he gets to say things like, “ you’re not smart enough to be in the same room with me,” “I turn down media,” “I’m the greatest (fill in the blank).” When he does this, you’re looking at a sad little boy in a grown man’s body, shouting at the kids who bullied him: “I AM BETTER THAN YOU!” If you’re a fan of Mike’s, all of this is familiar because you know you’ve seen it. If you’re Mike, you know it’s true. It’s all there. The observant critical thinkers among us see it. It’s sad. Just so sad.

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