Exercise: Summaries of Public Relations News Releases

Starbucks sparks hope in Eastern Congo

Starbucks, partnering with the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), began purchasing coffee from farmers in Eastern Congo in 2014 in an effort to support the failing coffee industry there, according to Starbuck’s newsroom. They just released the first line of Starbucks Reserve® Eastern D.R.Congo Lake Kivu for public purchase on Starbucks.com on March 22. Starbuck’s and ECI’s efforts have already benefited the lives of the coffee farmers in Eastern Congo and plan to continue increasing such positive outcomes.

Netflix: House of Cards welcomes Melissa Gibson and Frank Pugliese as showrunners

Netflix original House of Cards’ fourth season will premiere on March 4, with Melissa Gibson and Frank Pugliese recently promoted as its new showrunners, according to this Netflix press release. The main characters Francis Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright) must face complications cracking their allied relationship in the midst of the upcoming elections in the show’s new season. All of the episodes were directed by Tucker Gates, Tom Shankland, Alex Graves, Kari Skogland and Jakob Verbruggen.

Singer/songwriter Kelsea Ballerini to join Mary Kay’s Global Day of Beauty

Mary Kay’s Don’t Look Away campaign to end dating violence is expected to reach even more women with the voice of Kelsea Ballerini at Mary Kay’s Global Day of Beauty event to take place in the spring. According to Mary Kay’s press release, the 22-year-old Black River Entertainment recording artist will be speaking to empower women to recognize and overcome relationship abuse and celebrate those who have survived it. Mary Kay and Ballerini believe that the most effective way to work at ending the cycle of abuse is to educate women about healthy relationships before violence can begin.

Behind Marvel Studios’ visual art of the Avengers characters

Ryan Meinerding and Charlie Wen, co-visual development supervisors at Marvel Studios, share some insights about the process of designing the visuals for the Avenger heroes in this press release. They worked alongside film producers to stun the world of film entertainment with spectacular depictions of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and others. Meinerding noted how each character posed his or her own challenge in first the design concept and then the construction of the character’s look.

SuperTarget brings fresh fruit to its free cookie program

For decades, SuperTarget has offered free cookies to young shoppers (age 12 and younger) as a way to brighten the experience of regular family shopping sprees. Target’s news release noted that parents recently began to request that a healthier snack option be available at the bakery counter in addition to cookies. SuperTarget announced that, beginning on March 21, 2016, it would add fresh fruit to its selection of free shopping snacks for kids who come into the store.

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