Wikileaks Proves FBI Covered Up Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mail Server To Protect President Obama…
Trent Lapinski

Don’t you conspiracy nutjobs have anything better to do? We’re sick and tired of hearing the same crap about her emails — they obviously fucked up with security, but what damage did it really do. All your side can say is she’s a fraud and liar — both of which have been proven to be false. There’s no cover up you quack.

You said:
“To make matters even worse for the cover up, in another leaked e-mail, Erika Rottenberg, another Clinton attorney, admits Hillary Clinton personally deleted many of the e-mails herself without oversight.”

UH, ARE WE READING THE SAME EMAIL??? That’s not what the leaked email implies.

VIP = President Obama. How did you come to that conclusion? Oh right, it’s an ASSUMPTION.

“We now have definitive proof Obama was communicating with Hillary Clinton on her private e-mail server, and knew she was using a private e-mail server despite his claims otherwise.”
HOW DO YOU COME TO THAT CONCLUSION?! Oh right, with your assumptions and amazing whit. A regular Sherlock Holms (with a tinfoil hat).

You are a worthless journalist.

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