Board Member (Miami)

1. How did you first learn about blockchain?

“I was really involved into politics, so I was campaigning for Ron Paul when I was a teenager in Washington state to get him elected in 2012.”

2. What work do you do with blockchain today?

“I have an education and community center that is also planning to incubate new blockchain companies. I’m really focused on furthering Miami as a global city for tech.”

3. Why did you join FBBA?

“Sam asked me, and in order to make Miami attractive to new companies, the state of Florida also has to be attractive to new companies. So, I saw FBBA doing a joint effort between all of the different areas to bring and make Florida a major player.”

4. What is your role in FBBA?

“I am on the Board of Directors.”

5. What do you hope to achieve with FBBA?

“I hope to pass legislation that makes Florida attractive to some of these companies. That means helping protect developers, tax laws that make companies want to move here, educating government entities about the benefits of blockchain and distilling fear from them. I hope to accomplish my main goal, which is to support Miami, but in turn will change all the cities in Florida.”

6. What laws do you want to see Florida pass in favor of blockchain, if any? Or if not, tell me why?

“In favor of blockchain, the first thing is I would like to see is for developers to make open source code. Another law that I would like to see pass is bank friendly regulations for holding crypto currencies. Also, I would like to see tech laws favor companies who are doing tech work.”

7. How do you think blockchain will change the world?

“For one, I think it brings stock market wealth creation methods to average people, so you’ll see a world where there is more equal opportunity for people to participate in a global monetary system. All of this is going to change the way we distribute value.”

8. What is your favorite blockchain use case?

“My favorite blockchain use case is for money. Bitcoin is the only blockchain sue case proven to work long-term.”

9. What are the biggest obstacles to blockchain adoption?

“Lack of developers and regulatory uncertainty.”

10. What advice do you give someone new to blockchain and who wants to become involved with the blockchain community?

“I would tell them to come to the bitcoin center in Miami and we will teach you things there, as well as provide free classes and resources.”

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Our mission is to foster an innovative and entrepreneurial environment for all crypto and blockchain related businesses in Florida. -Sam Armes

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