SMC mould gets more and more popular in mould making market

SMC mould has a superior corrosion resistance. SMC mould also have other god advantages, such as light weight and easy for engineering design, flexible, etc. The mechanical properties of SMC mould are comparable to part of the metal material. Products made of SMC mould have good rigidity, and is resistance to deformation. What’s more, these goods have a wide temperature range for working.

SMC mould is a kind of s flexible material, and has similar performances with metal. So they are widely used in electric meter box mould, auto mould and so on. SMC mould refers to Sheet Moulding Compound. In fact, SMC mould is a kind of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composites, which are usually made of resin, low shrinkage additive, filler, fiberglass and other sheet material. So SMC mould is suitable for forming. Now due to the production of the enterprise needs, a large number of mold manufacturers use this kind of SMC material to make cheap SMC mould.
As the global energy shortage and the development of new energy, lightweighting of vehicle affects another new materials — FRTP material, made of GMT/LFTD process of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (FRTP). Automotive parts and components has been widely developed and gets a large number of applications. No matter SMC/BMC material or GMT/LFTD material, these two kinds of materials’ processing and products have sprung up across the country hundreds of heat mould products and material, mould, auxiliary supporting enterprises, and formed a huge industry group.

SMC mould processing gets fast development in recent years. SMC mould processing products occupies large proportion of glass fiber reinforced plastic molding processing and occupies one third of mechanized molding fiberglass products. SMC mould have a wide application, such as electrical electrical switch, meter boxes, household electrical appliances spare parts, small wind generators and blade head box, assembled truss type whole bathroom, toilet cover, rural buried purification tank, pool, automotive parts, bumper, table tennis, SMC door plank, building stone panel inside and outside decoration and assembled type dustbin, highway use anti-glare board, sound insulation board, motor boats, etc.
GMT/SMC/BMC materials, because of its performance, are widely used indifferent fields through the mold processing and injection molding. In recent years, with the development of the market of mould making, a series of process faced with technological innovation. China SMC mould manufacturers should gasp this oppunity of innovation to occupy a larger SMC mould market in the world