Zhejiang huangyan is a famous hometown of injection mould. Huangyan mould and plastic products occupy an important position in China. In recent years, the annual output value of huangyan mould increases more than 30%.

Injection mold expert Luo said, in nearly three years, huangyan mould is the leader of China injection mould. Huangyan mould manufacturers joined the international injection mold exhibition held in Shanghai. And there are 12 sets of huangyan mold are valuated by experts receiving the international level of injection mould. And there are also 46 sets of huangyan mould is considered as highest domestic advanced level of injection mould.

At present, a large amount of huangyan mould manufacturers have been in a domestic advanced position in injection mould industry. Taizhou Huangyan Jinmatai Plastic Mould Factory, as one of the famous huangyan mould manufacturers in China injection mould industry, plays an important role in the development of huangyan injection mould industry. Now there are 524 huangyan mould manufacturers and factories, and 304 individual household for prodcuing injection mould. The output of huangyan mold is about 1.12 billion last year.. The sales value of huangyan mould is about 850 million.

In the early 1970s, there were only about 20 huangyan mold manufacturers, as small township and village enterprises. Since the 1980s, the Reform and Opening-up Policy mobilized the enthusiasm of huangyan injection mould manufacturers, so a large number of individual and private huangyan mould manufacturers built their factories and prodcued a large of injection mould at the historic moment. But at that time, those huangyan mould manufacturers had poor equipment, lack of technicians, and the technology of producing injection mould was also poor. Since the1990s, in order to adapt to the new economic situation in injection mould industry, most huangyan mould manufacturers made technical renovation and these huangyan mold manufacturers realized the take-off. Then there are a number of huangyan mould manufacturers with a certain scale and high level of producing and deisgning get more and more popuylar in international injection .

Through the technical innovation of recent years, technical level of huangyan mold manufacturers has been increased significantly. Huangyan mold manufacturers are designated as special enterprises as plastic mold of electronics industry in zhejiang province. The plastic mould of television shell covers a third of the country’s television injection mould manufacturers. These huangyan mould manufacturers not only have great demonstration effect on the development of local injection mould manufacturer, but also have certain popularity at home and abroad. These famous huangyan mould manufacturers cooperate with FAW, Dongfeng, Volkswagen, Buick, Qingdao Haier, and other enterprises. Huangyan moud manufacturers improve themselves constantly. At the same time, huangyan mould manufacturers learn the advanced management experience.