Benefits of Copper Over Other Metals

India is one of the fastest developing country and has a booming growth rate of over 7.5%, this growth consequently claims a high demand for energy sources and its convenient utilization for sustained growth. Electric wires are the age-old way of energytransmission from place to place, since nineteenth century and since the day till twentieth is the only option to cater energy transmission in almost every aspect or case. Fiber optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless data transmission and many other modes of energy transmission but even though through electrical wires is the most preferred option.

When it comes to electric wire manufacturing agencies there are chronicles & experienced players in the market who claim immense knowledge of power loss and energy transmission. Have you ever got to know what they used to say, if you are seeking for a long run profit and lavished in safety concern, they suggests for copper wire. Generally there are almost all electric wire manufacturer industries prefer copper wire manufacturing rather than others because of its lucrative and multi-featured nature. Underlying are some of most discussed and in demand feature, which we care for before going to purchase-

Standard for conductivity. Because of its electronic configuration around nucleus it is highly electrically conductive in nature, with its exceptional current carrying capacity. Conductivity is the prime area of concern, when you are seeking for electric power transmission. High conductivity refers to decline in overall losses due to resistivity or over heated.

Copper is stable & vigorous. Because of the presence of chemically strong bonding and stable electronic orientation, copper could resists stretching, neck-down, creep, nicks and breaks. Copper’s exceptional strength, compared to aluminum conductors, is another reason it has remained the conductor of choice in wiring systems throughout the building industry.
High melting point. Copper wire stands ahead when it comes to cope up with atmospheric harshness rather than other materials. Aluminum could not resist a high temp. during sunny days, it start losing its strength and conductivity drastically whereas coper could bear, if you are distressed for safety concern, copper wire is the answer. If there is electric shock due to overload or surge, it is not likely to melt or burn easily and last even longer than any other.

Copper wire is economical. We can’t judge real economy by initial cost only, when you are catching short period into consideration no doubt aluminum is economical than copper but when it comes to a span of time or life cycle cost everyone willplay for copper, due to its durability, safety concern, robust in nature, compatibility with other electrical devices and conductivity feature. Over the life of your system, superior performance and dependability translate into real economy.

Copper is corrosion resistance. A noble metal, copper provides an un-paralleled reliability and longevity to your system. The top electrician calls copper as corrosion specialist and used it for building wire. This means it is not subject to galvanic corrosion when connected to other, less noble metals and alloys. An oxide layer over copper wire resist it towards corrosion from moisture, humidity, industrial pollution and other atmospheric influences.

Author Reference :- JMW India Pvt. Ltd

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