I’m finally drawing again. And it feels awesome.

Okay I’m starting to draw again. I bought a tablet, I got a subscription to Photoshop, I’m rejecting the outdoors to sit in the dark hunched over a computer doodling and groaning about “layers” and “brush weight” and “how do I even shade skin tone?” With another computer open next to me tuned to Photoshop digital drawing tutorials, I am embracing a new life where I see every situation I’m in as a black and white, cartoony image to be rendered by my hand and a stylus. I can’t promise that everything I draw will be stunning or even that funny — but hey I’m a beginner, right? Just in time for my quarter-life crisis, I’m going to start drawing again.

The above cartoon is really just an inside joke between me and my brother and our friends. But I’m hoping that the more I draw and the more I pay attention to the interactions I have with people and to the interactions other people have with the world, I might be able to start drawing comics that are funny to other people and not just to my small circle of weirdos.

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