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Why would you use the Libertarian view on SS, when you know that Gary Johnson’s view is Reform, increasing the age. He is the 1st to say he hold all the same views as the ticket. Also, you left off the part in your Citizen’s United where Gary Johnson believes in FULL transparency including “wearing a jacket of sponsors like NASCAR” so people everyone knows exactly who funded you. His view is Free Market and that the people should take personal responsibility to hold corporations responsible & law enforcement needs to do their job. We live in the golden age of Social media, if a company is doing something unjust, the people & the media should report on this. If it’s a problem stop supporting them and let them fail/bankruptcy. Look at Wells Fargo, they fired people and got a FINE by the government- BIG DEAL. The CEO is still in power, not a single person who committed fraud are in jail because everyone just lets “the government” deal with it and walks away. No responsibility, no one is taking their money out of Wells Fargo. The Politicians are owned by those same corporations so maybe the millennials want someone who isn’t interested in following their lead and is willing to listen like his open door at 4 policy.

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