Becoming a Better Musician

How do you become a better musician? How do you train your body to sing better, or how can you best collaborate with a group of voices to replicate a famous song? It’s the duty of a teacher to guide novice singers and composers to answer these questions.

Jo-Michael Scheibe has been a music educator for years. Through this experience, he has learned what directions work for his students, and what resources are less effective. Provided here are links to his presentations that he has used in his classes. Jo-Michael Scheibe hopes these guides provide useful information for your classes as well.

  1. Seating, Placement, and Vital Colors: All singers have their own voice and style. How will you blend them to bring the best sound out of the music?
“Art, for art’s sake”

2. Purpose-Driven Choral Warm-Ups: The voice is halfway between the head and the heart. How do you engage this spirit at the start of your class? What gets students excited?

3. Effective Rehearsal Leadership: Why time management makes your students “smarter.” Direction and duration affect the quality of rehearsals. See how you can improve your practice with Jo-Michael Scheibe’s guide.

4. Consonants: Consonants define speech in the English language. Mastering technical qualities of vocalization will help you master the voice for singing. Rhythm and movement within music depend on the execution of pronunciation, specifically, regarding consonants.

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Hopefully he will see you at one of his upcoming performances. Thanks for reading!