The Measurement of Success…

Every company I´ve worked at or with says; “ - Were going to become a successful company”. But what is Successful, what does that actually mean? Is it measured in money, conversion, likes on FB, employees, Offices around the world or just what people say about you.

Just because you have a lot of money, likes on FB or offices around the world it doesn´t mean you made it. The answer lies in what people think of you, what you´ve deliver and what your company stand for.

I belive the the Measurement of Success…

is the sum of everytime you exceed your expectations!

An example of that would be Apple, they are successful right? Their core culture is all about exceeding expectation. The company;“ Lets build a computer”, Steve Jobs; “ No lets build a dream. “

You have to invest in your companies culture, In Apples case, Steve were the core culture carrier, he created a culture and a brand based on always exceeding your expectations.

That sad, it doesn´t come cheap, it takes alot of time, commitment and drive to do this. You have to be focused on what the value, usefullnes or the pain your solving for the people thats going to be using your product or service. If you put the focus in always deliver that little extra, your company will get a great reputation, stimulate innovation and talked about in a good way.

Making this one of the key core values in your company, finding the people that can make this happen will make you and your company successful.

“ So start building dreams and exceed your expectations. ”
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