Why does the black community accept that raising children is to be done by the mother only.
Brian Donaldson

Well Brian I suspect its the same reason that poor and uneducated white women, tend to do the same thing. Or perhaps it because people like you continue to blame women, for the sins of men. Or maybe its the same reason, hundreds if thousands of white men refuse to pay child support. Or the fact that millions of middle and upper class white boys started jive talkin' and disrespecting white women by picking up oh so quickly, terms like how or bitches and calling themselves pimps. Or maybe the same reason why people like the Dugger’s like to espouse their all American values as they clearly treat their daughters differently than their sons. Or why millions of African Americans who enjoy the fruits of our Democratic free market society and either remain silent out of fear or join in on the America is the Devil BS. Or why young people of every race creed sexual orientation, believe, they can claim everything good, that they happened to be born into, but none of the bad? Questions Questions!!!!!