Do you have what it takes to become a nurse?

Joan Dispenza is a successful healthcare professional owing to her extensive career experience and solid education. She began her tenure in healthcare as a staff nurse and then made her way up the ranks to become a certified administer of a free standing surgery centre. Dispenza is known in her network for being responsible for an operational budget in excess of $800,000, coordinating the development of the angioplasty program, assisting in the implementation and on-going evaluation of patient acuity categorisation and information.

Getting to this point in her career was not easy. Dispenza worked hard; she knew where she wanted to go and dedicated herself to getting the job done no matter what. Becoming a medical professional alone, let alone pursuing all that she has achieved is more than the average person is able to manage. If you are thinking of becoming a nurse, here are some characteristics you need to consider cultivating, if you don’t have them already.

·Become a good communicator: Nurses are always communicating with families, patients, doctors and their fellow nurses. They must have a keen understanding of the situation, and what is going on with the patient for explanation to the family and friends. This skill is not easily escaped.

· Gathering emotional strength: being a part of the medical profession is not easy. As a nurse you will undoubtedly have periods of unparalleled stress; however, you should be able to manage it in addition to dealing with the stress of others. You will especially draw on this emotional strength when working long shifts; you will need to continue giving quality care even in your tired emotionally drained state.

· Being patient and calm: these two characteristics are one of the many cornerstones of medicine. As a professional, people or patients may upset you or just generally cause trouble. It is not for you to act out or show that you are upset. The show must go on, even when you are not feeling your best, put your best forward.

· Pay attention to detail: The saying “The devil is in the detail,” rings true in the medical profession if not any other. Doctors and patients will be counting on you to arrange the correct treatments and medicines. You will need to double and triple check yourself to ensure that you are not making any mistake with regards to any aspect of the procedure being done as any slip up could be potentially life threatening depending on what the mistake was.

These characteristics are not the only ones necessary in the nursing profession, however they are among the most important. A job in nursing will never always be easy, just like everything it has its ups and downs. However, if you find yourself with these characteristics and a longing for the profession, then perhaps it is right that you pursue it. Go after your dream and don’t let anybody persuade you against it otherwise.

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