What are the 3 most meaningful words to you?

Somebody once asked me what were the 3 most meaningful words to me. I love it when people ask me stuff like that but I hate to feel like a curve ball is being thrown at me. I wish I had all the answers right under my tongue to this kind of questions but, most of the time, I don’t. Specially because my brain is like a lizard. I can easily change my mind, because I can put myself is someone else’s shoes and see things from a diferent perspective. (I consider this a quality, although sometimes it’s really anoying and confusing to myself).

I answered him, and then I asked him the same question, and it’s funny because I only remember one of my answers and one of his. Mine was freedom. He disagreed. His was attitude. I totally agreed.

Freedom is very important to me. Working in communication, I know that creativity can only happen when you free your mind, when you open yourself, when you release yourself from any cage. Also, as most human beings, I hate to feel controled, I’m very independent, and I believe that no one should feel or have some kind of opression over someone. You should be and do whatever you want and feel to be true and right.

But he said something I also believe to be true: You’re never really free. What is that after all, freedom? You’re always trapped in something above you, you’re always depending on something. Wheather it’s the opinion of others, our bosses, our parents, our own minds, our fears, our pasts… We are never really free. But, of course, this is a matter of perspective, a matter of how you see and analyse things. It’s also a matter of attitude, as he wisly said. Your attitude towards life, towards youserlf and the others around you, can determine the perception of reality and shape the future. It makes you live a happier life, or a miserable one, your choice. It can make you (feel) free.

Some people enter your life only for a brief second, but they always left something of theirs for you to keep. I never saw or spoke to him again. Sometimes I remember this conversation, and I try to come up with new meaningful words as I live and experience new things, as I grow. Today, what would be my answer? Well, I would choose attitude too. And probably loyalty, not only to the ones we love, but specially to ourselves and our values and beliefs, because there’s nothing worse than living a lie and betraying ourselves. I would say passion too, definitely. Passion moves us forward. It makes our heart beat fast, our eyes glitter, our smile wider. It makes us thirst for more, dream, realize. Do. Grow. And inpires people around us, as well. It makes us have a positive atittude towards life.

Would he choose the same words? I think so. Maybe I’ll find him again in this crazy, misterious life, and we can find, or just say, meaningful words and words full of meaning.

What about you? What are the 3 most meaningful words to you?

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